Our Wine

Salento, where the land becomes wine.

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Our Wine

Created from clean and sustainable agriculture, in accordance with a landscape drawn by culture and tradition, since 2010 the wines of L’Astore are certified “products from organic grapes” and shortly our cellar will be fed by solar energy . Symbol of Salento in his vocation rosatista and old Negroamaro saplings; our production value to the ancient native grapes such as Malvasia Bianca Antica, Fiano Minutolo, Susumaniello, the Zagarese Primitivo, the ‘Hellenic Aglianico of Greek Salento.

Salento, land of Negroamaro

Immersed in the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, Salento is the land of sun, the winds and strong colors: the rich red of the earth and the wine, the dark green of the Mediterranean scrub that touches the white sand and blue sea, still the whitewashed houses, the trulli, dry stone walls, the silver sparkle of the olive trees, and the golden grain. All this is Salento, an ancient and noble land that lies in its wine, Negroamaro, his perfect emblem.

Organic Wines Certificates

Our vineyard produces organic grapes, grown without the help of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general) and without the use of genetically modified organisms;
In the cellar: winemaking using only the oenological products and processes authorized by Regulation 203/2012 also, within the limits and conditions imposed by the regulations, every certified organic producer, follows its own specific behavior, using oenological practices They are closest to the personal concept of “sustainable agriculture.”



NEGROAMARO 100% igp salento red wine

“My children, I leave to you the land, cultivate excellence and its fruit will repay your love”. Land and strong family roots and indissoluble, inherited values and traditions from innovating.



PRIMITIVO 100% igp salento red wine

As sap that nourishes the body and soul, which rises in the eyes chasing instinct. black nails touching lips, ardent spirits invasano grike languages. Rushes and burning passion.



SUSUMANIELLO igp salento red

Susumaniello red Salento IGP –  Ancient grape from clay soils in the countryside of Cutrofiano in the heart of Salento and Salentine Greece.


Negroamaro old vines 1947

NEGROAMARO 100% igp salento red

Saplings of Negroamaro implanted in 1947. Chiseled hand as sculptures, gnarled, twisted and strong, to survive over time to the winds and drought of our land. No current explant convenience.


L’Astore Rosé Brut Susumaniello

brut rosé sparkling wine

Winemaking: from the first pressing of the grapes naturally you get the must LACRIMA said in Salento, this is fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Subsequently is a sparkling wine in an autoclave (Martinotti method) at a temperature of 15 ° / 16 ° C for at least 5 months.


Massaro Rosa

NEGROAMARO 100% igp rosé wine Salento

hard fatigue hands, living blood of wrath, moons of gall and honeymoons. of farm life of a man of noble spirit and sacred heart to his wife, patient guardian of fire.



MALVASIA WHITE  igp salento white wine

Land that turn into black hands cotta art the sun of the two seas. Lights and reflections of the East. Aromas and flavors shouted a relentless pace as notes of singers pinched.



Malvasia Nera

ALBERELLI-primitivo small

Alberelli di Primitivo dal 1955

old vines from 1955


L’Astore Bianco

Malvasia Bianca

aged in acacia oak